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A few other warnings and tips about holiday cottages and self catering accommodation

Holiday cottage owners and self catering accommodation booking agencies do their best to make sure your holiday is enjoyable. Here are a few points to bear in mind so that you enjoy your holiday cottage or self catering accommodation.

  • Water Pressure
    Please be advised that this can vary from area to area depending on many factors e.g. age of property, layout, position on mains line etc.
  • Messages
    Please do not ask caretakers/local contacts to deliver messages to cottage visitors unless they are urgent. Many caretakers/local contacts live several miles from the cottages they look after.
  • Living in the country
    In rural locations, the people around you may often be earning their living and country hours do run into the late evening and very early morning. So please be patient when it comes to the sounds and scents - it's all part of being in the country!!
  • Property decoration
    The holiday cottages are privately owned, so they are decorated and furnished to individual taste of the holiday cottage owners.
  • Shopping and supplies
    Some holiday cottages and self catering accommodation can be in a remote area of the country or a small village or town, so there won't be a supermarket nearby. If that's the case, you need to stock up with a variety of food, drink and supplies for the duration of the holiday.
  • Take out cancellation insurance!
    If you have to cancel your holiday, for whatever reason, you may be liable for the full rental if the holiday cottage cannot be re-let. So for peace of mind, take out holiday cancellation insurance.
  • Find out about the area you're visiting
    The holiday cottage owner or self catering accommodation booking agency may send you information about the local area, but that's not guaranteed so find out before you go.

Protecting your holiday environment

Many holiday cottages and self catering accommodation are set in some of the loveliest parts of the country, which we know you will enjoy. Please do what you can to help preserve the environment and follow these guidelines.

  • Don't litter
  • Don't waste energy
  • Guard against fire
  • Respect the rights of land and property owners
  • Protect local wildlife
  • Follow the Countryside Code