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Staying in old or converted cottages

Many of the holiday cottages or self catering properties within this brochure are older properties and may be well over 100 years.These aspects of the properties add character and charm. It is important to remember before booking your holiday in one of these properties that part of the charm of such properties are the characteristically low ceilings, doorways and beams. They often have steep and narrow stairs and because of low or sloping ceilings, may have limited clothes hanging facilities.

Many holiday cottages and self catering accommodation were built before the introduction of damp proof courses and cavity insulation. Sometimes they have a tendency to be damp and, despite regular inspections, damp patches may occasionally appear especially after a long wet winter, during wet or humid weather. The moist atmosphere can also lead to condensation on walls, these problems can be alleviated by ventilating the property. The elderly, young or those sensitive to humidity and damp should avoid such cottages especially in the wettest periods e.g. winter and early spring (October to April)

Cottages in the country, thatched roofs and beams can attract cobwebs. It does not mean that the cottage is dirty or has not been cleaned as webs can be spun almost as quickly as they have been cleaned away.