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  4. Ordinary Time (Tempo Comum)

Ordinary Time (Tempo Comum)

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Ordinary Time (Tempo Comum)

The maternity period offers a new parent a chance to remove themselves from their usual day-to-day activity and invest themselves in the rhythms of their child's life. Inevitably, time slows down. Marta and Pedro live in Lisbon and have just had their first child. Susana Nobre captures them adjusting to their new routine - one made of deep affection and practicalities of a different life. Their home becomes an intimate space for friends and family to visit and share their own life stories. The act of listening is key to this new stage in their life. Departing from her work in documentary and inspired by her own experience of motherhood, Nobre crafts her half-fiction, half-reality debut with great sensitivity. What emerges is a touching and open film that invites you to experience time the way a family undergoing a new beginning does.

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