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Deliver Us (Liberami)

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Deliver Us (Liberami)

A hard-hitting documentary filmed in Palermo, Deliver Us follows two Sicilian priests as they perform the ancient rite of exorcism - a practice that is regaining popularity within the Catholic Church worldwide.

Federica di Giacomo's compelling, often chilling film offers a startlingly intimate insight into the work of veteran exorcist Father Migliazzo and fellow Franciscan priest Father Carmine - modern healers who off er religious salvation and solace in place of clinical help for some of the island's most desperate and vulnerable individuals.

Taking the award for Best Film in the 73rd Venice Film Festival's Horizons section, Deliver Us explores a post-modern world in which medieval traditions and contemporary values co-exist, presenting a story told from the perspectives of the people who experience it every day - both the "possessed" and those who seek to deliver them.