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The Reunion

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The Reunion

In the autumn of 2010, all the students from class 9c in Enskede in Stockholm meet for a 20-year reunion party. Everyone but Anna Odell. She was not invited. Anna was bullied throughout the first nine years of her school education. Why was she the only one excluded from the reunion? What did her former classmates want to avoid? Hierarchies and power structures within groups are the focus of THE REUNION, directed by artist Anna Odell. Moving the past into the present, THE REUNION raises questions about harassment, fear, courage, identity and belonging.

The film opens with a class reunion where Odell investigates what might have happened if she were to have been invited. Anna Odell plays herself and actors play the roles of her former classmates. The dinner party ends in chaos and Odell is eventually evicted by force by her classmates. The film's second part begins, and we learn that what we just saw was a staging, a "mise en scène", by Odell, who then makes calls to her real class mates inviting them to watch the "mise en scène" with her, and asking for an open discussion about their common past.