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Birds of a Feather

A feathered hero discovers his place in the world and faces his fears in a computer-animated coming of age story co-directed by Christian Haas and Andrea Block. Manou the swift (voiced by Josh Keaton) is hatched by mistake in a seagull's nest and his surrogate parents raise him as their own, teaching little Manou how to dive for fish like the other gulls. His surrogate brother Luc admires him but Manou always feels slightly out of place. A close encounter with a pack of greedy rats leads to Manou's expulsion from the gull colony. He befriends a fun-loving guinea fowl called Parcival (David Shaughnessy) and discovers the truth about his swift heritage. In turn, Manou falls under the spell of a beautiful female swift called Kalifa (Cassandra Steen). When a massive storm threatens the swifts and the seagulls, Manou tries to bridge the divide so both colonies can flourish side-by-side.