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Old Boys

Director Toby MacDonald resets Cyrano de Bergerac to an elite boys' boarding school where success depends as much on good looks as the size of your parents' bank account. Amberson (Alex Lawther) is a scholarship student, who is painfully aware of his working-class origins. He is at the bottom of a food chain in rarefied surroundings and at the very top is dashing Winchester (Jonah Hauer-King), who harks from a privileged background and has the world at his feet. The two boys inhabit completely different worlds until Amberson befriends Agnes (Pauline Etienne), daughter of the school's new French teacher (Denis Menochet). Amberson is smitten but Agnes only has eyes for hunky Winchester. Alas, the jock doesn't have the intellect or creativity to woo Agnes so Amberson agrees to act as a go-between, penning gushing missives so the young lady falls hopelessly under Winchester's spell.