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A 15-year-old girl escapes grim reality by performing stand-up comedy in director James Gardner's unsettling debut feature. Sarah Taylor (Liv Hill) is the primary caretaker of her unstable mother (Sinead Matthews). The teenager works in an amusement arcade in her home town of Margate, where her overbearing boss (Angus Barnett) heaps on the misery. Her distress makes her an easy target for bullies at school. Sarah lashes out at people around her, and long-suffering but sympathetic drama teacher Adam (Cyril Nri) tries to channel the girl's frustrations into writing and performing comedy at a graduation showcase. When the spotlight turns on Sarah, she demonstrates a knack for making people laugh and her self-confidence is slowly rebuilt. However, as she pursues her newfound dream, Sarah is forced to make compromises at home that threaten to tear apart her family.