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Booker Prize-winning novelist Roddy Doyle addresses the timely issue of homelessness in Dublin in a quietly affecting drama directed by Paddy Breathnach. The film unfolds over the course of 36 fraught hours. Full-time mother Rosie (Sarah Greene) must secure temporary accommodation for her partner John Paul (Moe Dunford), who washes dishes in a local restaurant, and their four children. The family's landlord has recently sold the property where they were residing so the brood relies on Rosie to find a room in a hotel each night for 13-year-old Kayleigh (Ellie O'Halloran), eight-year-old Millie (Ruby Dunne), six-year-old Alfie (Darragh McKenzie) and four-year-old Madison (Molly McCann). Unfortunately, local authority-funded accommodation is scarce and the mother has limited credit on her mobile phone to make vitals calls. In desperation, Rosie and co are forced to settle at night in their car, huddling together for warmth until the morning comes.