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Dwayne Johnson channels the spirit of Die Hard-era Bruce Willis in a vertiginous action adventure directed by Rawson Marshall Thurber, who previously worked with the leading man on Central Intelligence. Will Sawyer (Johnson) is a former FBI Hostage Rescue Team leader, who lost one of his legs in the line of duty. Sarah (Neve Campbell) was the attending surgeon that day and Will fell in love with her during his recovery. Ten years later, Will and Sarah are married with a young son and daughter and the doting father has retired from the FBI. Instead, he is a security expert, who has just been hired by Zhao Min Zhi (Chin Han) to offer his assessment of The Pearl, one of the tallest superstructures in the world. Sarah and the children become the first family in the residential section of the building while Will carries out his vital work. A group of terrorists storms The Pearl and sets the 96th floor ablaze. Sarah and the children are trapped above the raging inferno and move towards the roof to stay alive. Meanwhile, Will puts his FBI training into action to outwit the terrorists and to discover their ulterior motive for storming The Pearl.