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Diljit Dosanjh headlines a life-affirming true story of the endurance of the human spirit, directed by Shaad Ali. Sandeep Singh (Dosanjh) is a hockey player from Shahbad, who has made his mark as a penalty corner specialist for India's national team. As the 2006 World Cup in Germany beckons, Sandeep travels by train to join the rest of the team and an accidental gunshot hits him in the spine. He is paralysed and doctors fear that Sandeep will never walk again let alone wield a hockey stick. The player is determined to disprove the medical community and he makes a remarkable recovery with the support of family and friends. Sandeep captains the national team in 2009 and proudly represents India at the London 2012 Olympic Games. Remarkably, despite his injury, he registers the fastest drag-flick in the world - 145km/hr.