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The First Purge

In 2013, writer-director James DeMonaco terrified cinema audiences with The Purge, the one night every year when citizens of America can take up knives and guns to kill anyone they choose without legal reprisals. The film spawned two sequels and now Gerard McMurray replaces DeMonaco in the director's chair for a bloodthirsty prequel, which traces the origins of the wanton carnage. The New Founding Fathers of America (NFFA), which has assumed control of the people, proposes a radical solution to the country's spiralling crime rate: a sociological experiment, conducted on Staten Island, where the isolated community will be allowed to vent its rage for a limited time period. Unfortunately, the slaughter spreads far beyond the borders of the test zone and the entire nation becomes gripped by a murderous frenzy, forcing the powerful members of the NFFA to propose a radical compromise.