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A powerful but corrupt man is forced to make split second 50/50 choices in Ren Pengyuan's moralistic thriller. Zhong Xiaonian (Xu Zheng) presides over a multi-million dollar investment company, which regularly manipulates financial markets to boost profits. The wheeler dealer always puts personal wealth before ethics, amassing an impressive portfolio and a beautiful wife Wei (Wang Likun), whose happiness is a secondary concern. One morning, Zhong wakes to discover he is a hostage in his designer home, at the mercy of an unseen antagonist who offers the businessman two options every morning at 9.30am. Zhong must choose one of the options - such as admitting tax evasion - and suffer the consequences. If he refuses to participate, Zhong's abductor will enact both options and double the pain. Trapped inside his sanctuary at the mercy of a mad man, Zhong searches for a way out of his miserable ordeal and he finds an unlikely ally in journalist Tian Yu (Duan Bowen).