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A Wizard's Tale

A young man embarks on magical adventure to restore happiness to the world in a colourful computer-animated yarn directed by Andrews Couturier and written by Jim Hecht, one of the screenwriters of Ice Age 2: The Meltdown. Terry Dexter (Toby Kebbell) hankers for the happier times with his beloved grandmother Mary, riding rollercoasters in her theme park. Unfortunately, Mary is gone and the park has fallen into disrepair. Creditors are knocking at the door and if Terry misses one more payment, the park will have to close forever. As he reminisces about the past, Terry unwittingly unlocks a doorway to a parallel world ruled by Princess Dawn (Lily Collins), whose kingdom has been cursed with eternal gloom by a wicked wizard called The Grump (Ian McShane). The Princess promises to help Terry return to his world and save the park if he can break The Grump's spell and restore joy to her realm.