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The Cured

Shot on location in Dublin and Wicklow, director David Freyne's claustrophobic horror thriller unfolds after a zombie apocalypse and begs difficult questions of a fractured society that must heal after the bloodbath. The Maze virus swept the globe six years ago, transforming great swathes of the population into flesh-hungry predators. Scientists engineered a serum, which restored 75% of the infected to their former selves, but those that return to the land of the living are cursed to remember everything they did whilst in the grip of the virus. Conor (Tom Vaughan-Lawlor) awkwardly reintegrates into society with the help of his dead brother's wife Abbie (Ellen Page), whose sole concern is her young son Cillian (Oscar Nolan). Tensions between the uninfected and the cured sparks civil war and a support group for reanimated zombies instigates an increasingly brutal campaign to restore the balance of power.