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The Old Dark House

A glorious 4K restoration of James Whale's 1932 comedy horror, based on the J. B. Priestley novel Benighted, haunts selected cinemas. A fierce storm forces Philip Waverton (Raymond Massey), his wife Margaret (Gloria Stuart) and their friend Roger Penderel (Mervyn Douglas) to seek temporary refuge at a remote country house. They are welcomed inside by Horace Femm (Ernest Thesiger) and his sister Rebecca (Eva Moore), who live in the rambling property with their ageing father Sir Roderick Femm (Elspeth Dudgeon) and a creepy butler called Morgan (Boris Karloff). Soon after, two more stricken travellers - Sir William Porterhouse (Charles Laughton) and his chorus girl sweetheart Glady DuCane (Lilian Bond) - seek shelter from the downpour at the house. Strange voices on the upper floor spark violence and the hosts and their guests become embroiled in a tense battle for survival.