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The Deminer

One man risks his life to save thousands of his countrymen and women from harm in writer-director Hogir Hirori's life-affirming documentary. In 2003, Kurdish army colonel Fakhir Berwari - a proud father of eight - served his people in Mosul after the fall of Saddam Hussein. He was horrified to discover that thousands of innocent people had been maimed or killed by exploding mines, and there was no end in sight to the bloodshed. Armed with a pair of clippers and a knife, Fakhir took it upon himself to disarm thousands of these deadly mines, knowing that each time he meticulously searched for one of the concealed explosives it could cost him his life and rob his children of a father. Hirori's film paints a vivid portrait of Fakhir at home and out in the field, doing everything in his power to make his country safe again for survivors of devastation.