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Never Steady, Never Still

The debut feature of writer-director Kathleen Hepburn is a sensitively observed portrait of a dysfunctional family coming to terms with illness and self-identity. Judy (Shirley Henderson) lives with her husband and carer Ed (Nicholas Campbell) in rural British Columbia, where many of the local men earn a gruelling living on the oil fields. Judy's troubled teenage son Jamie (Theodore Pellerin) is persuaded to accept one of these physically demanding jobs while he decides where his future lies. Judy faces each day with steely resolve, refusing to let her advanced Parkinson's disease deny her simple pleasures in life. When Ed dies suddenly from a heart attack, her support system crumbles. Suddenly alone, Judy has to quickly reevaluate her ability to complete basic tasks. Meanwhile, Jamie wrestles with his sexuality and matters of the heart against the backdrop of a rugged, unforgiving landscape.