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Let The Sunshine In

Juliette Binoche illuminates writer-director Claire Denis' unconventional drama of romantic and comical misadventures, which focuses on a painter called Isabelle, who is newly divorced and still bruised from the breakdown of her relationship. Isabelle prepares to launch herself back into the dating world and ricochets messily between myriad unsuitable or unattainable men including an arrogant banker called Vincent (Xavier Beavois) and a married actor (Nicolas Duvauchelle). These paramours provide Isabelle with flecks of compassion and carnal desire but none of them truly wins her heart. Her friend Fabrice (Bruno Podalydes), who advises her in a professional capacity, jealously sabotages one of Isabelle's fledgling relationships and when she turns to a swarthy clairvoyant called Denis (Gerard Depardieu) for guidance, his words of wisdom are calculated to earn him a date with his easily manipulated, affection-starved client.