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Big Fish & Begonia

Co-directed by Zhang Chun and Liang Xuan, Big Fish And Begonia is a Chinese animated fantasy drama about a girl's rites of passage and the impact of this journey of self-discovery on the people around her. Chun (voiced by Stephanie Sheh) is 16-years-old and destined to inherit magical powers passed down through the generations of her family. She takes part in an initiation ceremony which involves transforming into a dolphin to pass through a portal to the human realm, where she can explore with her friends. A fisherman called Kun (Todd Haberkorn) falls under Chun's spell and subsequently drowns in a fishing net. Consumed with guilt and grief, the young heroine forges a pact with a demon to sacrifice half of her life in order to resurrect Kun as a mythical flying fish. While Chun vows to protect Kun in his new form, her smitten childhood friend Qiu (Johnny Yong Bosch) makes his own sacrifices to impress and protect Chun from further harm, creating a volatile love triangle that is destined to end in heartbreak and regret.