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Marlina the Murderer in Four Acts

A grieving widow exacts revenge on those who wrong her in Indonesian writer-director Mouly Surya's slow-burning western, which is bookmarked into four chapters entitled Robbery, The Journey, The Confession and The Birth. Marlina (Marsha Timothy) mourns the passing of her beloved husband, whose body is laid out in one corner of the home they share. As a widow, she is no longer protected and Markus (Egi Fedly) arrives at her home to inform Marlina that his friends will soon be arriving to seize all of her belongings and livestock, and to force themselves upon her. The invader demands that she honours the gang by making chicken soup for his brothers in arms. Marlina obliges for fear of repercussions but she is not the weak-willed victim of Markus' fantasies and she concocts a suitably grim punishment for his transgression.