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A Fistful of Dollars

Clint Eastwood's iconic gunslinger rides back into selected UK cinemas in a restored 4K print of Sergio Leone's influential 1964 western. The town of San Miguel is slowly being torn apart by the ambitions of two separate clans. Brothers Benito (Antonio Prieto), Esteban (S Rupp) and Ramon (John Wells) from the Rojo cartel want to seize control of the town to take advantage of its position on the Mexican border. However, corrupt sheriff John Baxter (W Lukschy) won't relinquish control of his lucrative weapons smuggling operation, which he runs with his son Antonio (Bruno Carotenuto) and a posse of thugs. The enigmatic Man With No Name (Eastwood) arrives in San Miguel and cunningly plays off the two sides against each other. When the Rojo siblings discover the gunslinger's plan, they retaliate with devastating repercussions.