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Staffordshire-born actor Paddy Considine returns to the director's chair for a hard-hitting drama about a boxing champion, whose charmed life suffers a series of knockout blows inside and out of the ring. Matty Burton (Considine) is a veteran of the boxing scene. His ability to floor opponents has paid handsomely for a comfortable life with his loyal wife Emma (Jodie Whittaker) and their baby daughter. Matty is in the final years of a glittering career and he feverishly prepares for a high-profile bout against cocksure younger rival, Andre Bryte (Anthony Welsh). The subsequent showdown takes a devastating toll on Matty's battered and bruised body. He collapses at home and Emma rushes her husband to hospital. The injuries to Matty's brain are life-changing and he returns a shadow of his former self, relying completely on Emma to perform the most basic daily tasks. As pressure builds on the long-suffering wife and Matty's violent mood swings threaten the safety of the couple's child, his training buddies (Tony Pitts, Paul Popplewell) finally step up and share the burden of his painfully slow rehabilitation.