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Have A Nice Day

A hard-working man resorts to desperate measures in the name of love in a stylish animated noir thriller written and directed by Jian Liu. Xiao Zhang (voiced by Changlong Zhu) is a driver for powerful mob boss Uncle Liu (Siming Yang) and he is desperate to escape his small Southern China town with fiancee Yan Zi. When her plastic surgery procedure goes horribly wrong, Xiao Zhang needs to find the money to correct the damage so he steals a bag containing a large sum of money belonging to Uncle Liu. Once news of the theft spreads across town, various chancers, criminals and degenerates target the driver and his stolen cash including Yan Zi's cousin Ann Ann (Hong Zhu) and a hit man called Skinny (Xiaofeng Ma). Hunted on the rain-lashed streets, Xiao Zhang must spend the night avoiding strangers and former allies, who now mean him harm.