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Scott and Sid

Writer-directors Scott Elliott and Sid Sadowskyj draw on personal life experiences for a heart-warming drama about two devoted 15-year-old friends, who leave school to chase a list of dreams before they turn 30. Sid (Tom Blyth) is a withdrawn, lonely boy, who has grown up with an alcoholic mother. He underachieves at school and is isolated from classmates. Unloved foster child Scott (Richard Mason) transfers to Sid's school and the two outcasts become friends. Both are largely ignored by parents and teachers, and the boys are repeatedly told that they won't amount to much. Determined to prove the doubters wrong, Sid and Scott sit down together to pen a list of dreams that they want to achieve in the next 15 years. Drawing strength and inspiration from each other, the teenagers set about realising each item on the wish list, setting up two successful businesses while they are still at school. As they inspire and incite each other to chase glory, Sid and Scott navigate perilous waters inhabited by loan sharks and gangsters, and risk life and limb to reach for the stars.