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Operation Red Sea (Hong hai hang dong)

Hong Kong action director Dante Lam orchestrates slam-bang pyrotechnics on a grand scale in a loose sequel to the 2016 film Operation Mekong. The setting this time is the fictional African country of Yewaire, where civil unrest breaks out, threatening the safety of Chinese workers and citizens plus foreign nationals. A terrorist cell is using the pandemonium as the perfect cover to steal the materials they need to fashion dirty bombs. The Jiaolong Assault Team led by Yang Rui (Zhang Yi) races into action to avert disaster on land, sea and in the air. Team members Xu Hong (Jiang Du), Tong Li (Jiang Luxia), Zhang Tiande (Wang Yutian) and Zhuang Yu (Henry Mak) combine their specialist skills with state-of-the-art technology to track the terrorists to their stronghold and retrieve the stolen explosive matter before it can be detonated.