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The Divine Order

Nora (Marie Leuenberger) is a doting wife to her husband Hans (Maximilian Simonischek), and they enjoy a relatively simple life in early 1970s Switzerland not far from the farm where Hans' brother Werner (Nicholas Ofczarek) has married Nora's older sister Theresa (Rachel Braunschweig) and raised a spirited teenage daughter, Hanna (Ella Rumpf). Rumours surface of a referendum to allow women the right to vote but Nora doesn't believe there will be any lasting change in her community. While her husband is away from home on military training, she befriends an older woman in the village called Vroni (Sibylle Brunner), who recalls the fierce and ultimately futile battle for suffrage in 1959. They join forces with Italian immigrant Graziella (Marta Zoffoli), new owner of the local pizzeria, to mobilise women for the forthcoming vote. When Hans returns home from his training, he quickly realises the mild-mannered Nora of the past has been transformed into an outspoken advocate for change.