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The Touch

A reissue of Ingmar Bergman's award-winning 1971 drama, his first film in the English language, which has rarely screened in the UK or Ireland since its initial release. Andreas Vergerus (Max von Sydow) and his wife Karin (Bibi Andersson) raise their family in a close-knit village where neighbours often know each other's business. Karin's mother passes away and she visits the hospital to grieve where visiting American archaeologist David Kovac (Elliott Gould) falls in love with her at first sight. He is in the village to unravel the mystery of a wooden statue of the Virgin Mary dating back to the Middle Ages, which has been uncovered in one of the local churches. Karin and David embark on a messy and passionate affair but the betrayal is quickly brought to light when Andreas receives anonymous letters informing him about his wife's fall from grace.