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Dark River

Writer-director Clio Barnard follows up her award-winning second feature The Selfish Giant with a gritty portrait of a dysfunctional North Yorkshire family tearing itself apart. Alice (Ruth Wilson) left home many years ago, emotionally scarred by her suffering at the hands of her abusive father (Sean Bean). She earns a meagre crust with seasonal work on other farms, far from the devastation of her childhood. Out of the blue, Alice receives news that her father has died and the family's farm is on the verge of financial ruin. Her embittered brother Joe (Mark Stanley) shouldered the burden of caring for their father alone and he no longer has the energy to keep the farm trading. Alice returns and prepares to apply for sole tenancy of the business in the hope that she can turn the farm around - poor compensation for the pain inflicted by her father. Joe deeply resents Alice's return after years of estrangement and the siblings clash violently for control of their home.