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Father Figures

When they were boys, fraternal twins Kyle (Alexander G Eckert) and Peter Reynolds (Ivan Mallon) were told the sad news about their father's death. Ever since, the brothers have forged a close bond to their eccentric mother, Helen (Glenn Close). Now grown up, Kyle (Owen Wilson) is a male model with million of dollars in the bank while Peter (Ed Helms) is divorced, embittered and struggling to make ends meet as a proctologist. Peter is also at his wit's end trying to connect emotionally to his truculent teenage son, Ethan (Zachary Haven). Out of the blue, Kyle and Peter learn that their father didn't die. To compound the brothers' distress, Helen isn't sure who the lucky man is because she was so generous with her affections during the 1970s. Determined to find their biological parent, Kyle and Peter embark on a madcap road trip to meet their mother's old flames including retired football player Terry Bradshaw (playing himself), veterinarian Dr Walter Tinkler (Christopher Walken) and reclusive ex-con Roland Hunt (JK Simmons). En route, the brothers meet an enigmatic hitchhiker (Katt Williams) and reevaluate their own strained relationship.