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Detective Chinatown 2

Chen Sicheng returns as writer and director for the sequel to the smash hit 2015 Chinese comedy, which introduced audiences to police academy reject Qin Feng (Liu Haoran). In the first film, he helped misfit cousin Tang (Wang Baoqiang) to solve a murder in Chinatown in Bangkok. For the follow-up, the tomfoolery moves to the streets of New York including an action sequence shot in and around Times Square. Qin Feng travels to the Big Apple at the invitation of Tang, who is set to marry Ah Xiang (Tong Liya). The nuptials turn out to be a cunning ruse - Tang has brought Qin Feng to America under false pretences to take part in a competition to solve the murder of the grandson of Uncle Seven (Kenneth Tsang), who is known as the Godfather of Chinatown. At first, Qin Feng is too angry with his cousin to use his detective skills to break the case. But when he learns about the confusing evidence from Detective Chen Ying (Natasha Liu Bordizzo), Qin Feng's curiosity is piqued and he resolves to unmask a criminal mastermind at large in the city. As usual, Tang leaves devastation in his wake and Qin Feng is soon being chased by officers from the NYPD rather than assisting them.