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Lies We Tell

Born and raised in Yorkshire, 50-something chauffeur Donald (Gabriel Byrne) has been a loyal and devoted employee of billionaire Demi (Harvey Keitel) for many years. When his boss dies, Donald is asked to carry out one final wish from beyond the grave: to destroy an incriminating video that would bring shame on Demi and his mistress, beautiful 26-year-old lawyer Amber (Sibylla Deen). The clean-up is complicated by Amber's murky past. Many years ago, she was forced to marry her cousin, notorious gangster KD (Jan Uddin). In order to escape the physically abusive relationship, Amber told a shocking lie and was granted an Islamic divorce, which brought shame on both families. News reaches Amber that KD is poised to marry her innocent 16-year-old sister, Miriam (Danica Johnson). Convinced that hellish history will repeat itself, Amber joins forces with Donald to end KD's reign of terror while protecting Demi's memory. Mark Addy, Emily Atack, Nicholas Farrell, Gina McKee and Toyah Willcox co-star in Mitu Misra's gritty thriller.