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Kit Linkman directs a radical reworking of Shakespeare's brutal tragedy, using green screen technology, background matte painting and computer modelling to create fantastical backdrops to the blood-letting and betrayal. Brilliant young general Macbeth (Mark Rowley) distinguishes himself on the battlefield and he returns to the court of King Duncan (David Bark-Jones), who fails to honour the returning hero. Feeling disgruntled, Macbeth is visited by three witches, who suggest he will become the new king, an idea inflamed by Lady Macbeth (Akiya Henry). Determined to fulfil his destiny by fair means or foul, Macbeth plots the murder of Duncan while Lady Macbeth drugs the bodyguards and frames them for the slaying. The king's son Malcolm (Charlie Hamblett) flees, suspected of orchestrating his father's death, and Macbeth assumes control of the court. However, guilt and paranoia sink their claws into the new monarch, and Macbeth is compelled to slay Banquo (Al Weaver) and Macduff (Charles Mnene) to maintain control of his crumbling empire.