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Tokyo Ghoul

Based on the manga comics by Sui Ishida, Tokyo Ghoul is a dark and brooding Japanese horror slathered in blood, about an innocent college student, who gets a very nasty surprise after a romantic date. Reserved bookworm Ken Kaneki (Masataka Kubota) lives in an alternate reality where humans and ghouls exist in uncomfortable proximity. The latter hide their predatory natures to avoid capture by the authorities. Following a date with Rize (Yu Aoi), Ken is rushed into hospital and he regains consciousness with her transplanted organs inside his body. Unfortunately, Rize was a ghoul and the life-saving surgery has transformed mild-mannered Ken into a human-ghoul hybrid, who will forever be at the mercy of an insatiable hunger for human flesh. Unless he feasts on unsuspecting strangers, Ken will die. The creatures he once feared, who congregate at the Anteiku neighbourhood cafe, including pretty waitress Touka (Fumika Shimizu), take Ken under their wing and help him to integrate into ghoul society. The newcomer discovers that there is shocking savagery in the human world and the ghouls aren't the greatest threat to mankind's survival.