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Last Flag Flying

Larry Shepherd (Steve Carell), who was known as Doc to fellow Marines in Vietnam, tracks down his old buddy Sal Nealon (Bryan Cranston), who owns and runs a bar. The two men reminisce and make a pilgrimage to a church where fellow corps member Richard Mueller (Laurence Fishburne) has turned his life around and is now a practising pastor. Larry reveals to his buddies that he has an ulterior motive for the reunion: his son has been killed on active service in Iraq and the body is being flown back to America for burial. Sal and Richard agree to accompany Larry on this emotionally devastating odyssey. Lance Corporal Charlie Washington (J Quinton Johnson), who served with Larry's son, shares the dead soldier's final moments with the grief-stricken father. Larry is insistent that his son should be buried with the rest of the Shepherd clan in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, rather than in Arlington National Cemetery. This defiance of military protocol creates friction with superior officers at Dover Air Force Base. Regardless, Larry refuses to deviate from his wishes and he embarks on the painful journey home with the boy's coffin, supported by Sal and Richard.