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Attraction (Prityazhenie)

Russian director Fyodor Bondarchuk, who made the box office hit Stalingrad, transitions from bombastic wartime drama to spectacular sci-fi thriller with a disaster epic about the first contact between humanity and visitors from another world. The Russian Air Force shoots down a mysterious flying object, which crash-lands in Moscow, plunging the capital into chaos. The military struggles to maintain a tight grip on the situation as fear and rage spiral out of control in working-class suburbs razed by the otherworldly craft. Colonel Lebedev (Oleg Menshikov) establishes communications with the extra-terrestrial visitors and agrees to place a cordon around the fallen spaceship so the aliens can repair their craft and return from whence they came. Unfortunately, the Colonel's rebellious teenage daughter Yulia (Irina Starshenbaum) and her boyfriend Artyom (Alexander Petrov) sneak into the exclusion zone and jeopardise the safety of the human race.