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Jupiter's Moon (Jupiter holdja)

A Syrian refugee is blessed with strange powers during an ill-fated flight to freedom in Hungarian director Kornel Mundruczo's otherworldly drama. Aryan (Zsombor Jeger) flees the devastation in Homs along with his father, friends and neighbours. They are bound for a new life in Hungary but the path to a brighter future is littered with corruption and bribery. Trigger-happy border patrol officer Laszlo (Gyorgy Cserhalmi) shoots Aryan dead but the refugee miraculously recovers from his wounds and discovers he can now levitate. Hungarian doctor Stern (Merab Ninidze), who works at the camp where Aryan is being held, exploits the newcomer's magical power of flight by telling his rich patients that Aryan is an earthbound angel with healing abilities... for the right price. Meanwhile, the levitating refugee is only interested in locating his father.