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The Magic Flute (Trollflojten)

A re-release of Ingmar Bergman's visually arresting 1975 film adaptation of Mozart's fairy tale opera, performed in Swedish on a set that mimics an 18th-century theatre, which returns to selected cinemas to mark the centenary of the birth of the legendary Swedish director. Three female attendants to the imperious Queen of the Night (Birgit Nordin) rescue prince Tamino (Josef Kostlinger), who is fleeing a deadly serpent. The women present the prince with a picture of the Queen of the Night's beautiful daughter, Pamina (Irma Urrita), and Tamino is instantly smitten. Unfortunately, Pamina has been kidnapped by the diabolical high priest Sarastro (Ulrik Cold). Without hesitation, Tamino promises to rescue Pamina and he is presented with a magic flute to aid him on his perilous quest, which he undertakes in the company of his new friend, the bird catcher Papageno (Hakan Hagegard).