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Mountains May Depart

Chinese filmmaker Jia Zhangke explores the political and cultural history and future of his homeland through the eyes of one young woman, whose life unfurls in three time periods: 1999, 2014 and 2025. In the first section, Shen Tao (Zhao Tao) is excited by the approaching millennium and she nervously chooses between two very different suitors: wealthy and ambitious Zhang Jiansheng (Zhang Yi), who has embraced capitalism with gusto, and shy and retiring Liangzi (Liang Jin Dong), who works long hours down a local mine. Shen eventually decides where her heart lies and she raises a son called Dollar with her husband. However, married life does not deliver all of the emotional riches she had hoped for. The marriage founders just as Shen concentrates on caring for her father, who is in steady mental and physical decline.