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Bingo: The King Of The Mornings

A fame-hungry actor is granted all of his wishes in a provocative Brazilian drama, which marks the feature directorial debut of Daniel Rezende. Augusto Mendes (Vladimir Brichta) watched in awe as his beloved mother earned the adulation of audiences by performing on stage. Now he craves the same acceptance from the public but his route to stardom is unclear. As a single parent to a young son, Gabriel (Caua Martins), Augusto bears the heavy weight of responsibility for putting food on the table and he dutifully accepts thankless roles in soap operas and soft porn films to pay the bills. By chance, Augusto is cast as Bingo, the clown-faced host of a new children's TV show, which becomes a monster hit. As part of the contract, Augusto is forbidden from revealing Bingo's true identity so while the quick-witted clown becomes a pop culture icon, the man behind the make-up remains unknown. Augusto reacts by indulging to excess in alcohol, drugs and women, which jeopardises his relationship with his son. The furious tug of war between fame and family threatens to tear Augusto apart.