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Brigsby Bear

Ted Mitchum (Mark Hamill) and his wife April (Jane Adams) raise their son James (Kyle Mooney) in an underground bunker, separate from the hustle and bustle of the world above ground. James' only connection to the rest of humanity is a children's show called Brigsby Bear. He becomes obsessed with the programme and fills his room with posters and memorabilia. The years pass and during a rare foray out of his room, James is arrested by police, who reveal that Ted and April are not his real parents. He has been their unsuspecting captive since he was a baby. Moreover, Brigsby Bear - his safety blanket - isn't a real TV programme and was an invention of the Mitchums to placate James. Shocked and stunned, James is introduced to his biological parents Greg and Louise Pope (Matt Walsh, Michaela Watkins), who have a teenage daughter called Aubrey (Ryan Simpkins). Understandably, James struggles to acclimatise to unfamiliar surroundings and cope with the stresses of modern life without his beloved Brigsby Bear.