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Blade Of The Immortal

Prolific Japanese film-maker Takashi Miike vies for the largest body count on film with this blood-drenched fantasy drama, based on the popular manga series created by Hiroaki Samura. Samurai warrior Manji (Takuya Kimura) is on the run from assassins loyal to the warlord he has just slain. In an epic showdown with these sword-wielding avengers, Manji manages to slice his way through dozens of combatants but eventually collapses as a result of fatal wounds. An old crone called Yaobikuni (Yoko Yamamoto), who has lived for more than 800 years, refuses to let Manji perish and she revives him by dripping magical bloodworms into his wounds. These tiny creatures heal Manji and transform him into an immortal protector for hire. Decades later, a grief-stricken girl called Rin Asano (Hana Sugisaki) tracks down Manji and asks him to avenge the murder of her father at the hands of a group called the Itto-ryu led by Kagehisa Anotsu (Sota Fukushi). Manji reluctantly takes the orphan under his wing and tracks down surviving members of the Itto-ryu.