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Most Beautiful Island

Spanish actress Ana Asensio draws on bitter personal experience for her feature debut as writer and director, which mines spine-chilling horror from the influx of immigrants to New York City. Luciana (Asensio) is determined to make a better life for herself in America, despite the lack of a social security number that would allow her to secure a well-paid job. Instead, she must accept menial employment that barely covers the rent on her cockroach-infested apartment. A sympathetic Russian immigrant called Olga (Natasha Romanova) offers Luciana a lucrative and seemingly simple job as a hostess at a cocktail party. She must wear heels and a figure-hugging black dress, and smile with sincerity to collect her pay. A night full of possibilities slowly degenerates into confusion as Luciana is shepherded from a meeting point in Chinatown to a hulking warehouse full of rich and fabulous clientele. It transpires that Luciana is an unsuspecting pawn in a deadly "game", and the beautifully dressed guests with money have the power to decide who survives their hellish ordeal... and who vanishes without trace.