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Good Time

Low-level criminal Constantine Nikas (Robert Pattinson) lives with his younger brother Nick (Ben Safdie), who has a mental disability, and their grandmother. Connie has a hare-brained scheme to set the siblings up on their own: they will rob a bank together, wearing masks to disguise their appearance from omnipresent CCTV cameras. The heist goes comically awry and, while Connie manages to evade police, Nick is badly injured in the subsequent chase and he is rushed to hospital under police guard. As his brother's carer and protector, Connie must extricate Nick from the clutches of the cops without being apprehended himself. The subsequent game of cat and mouse takes Nick around the mean streets of New York in search of redemption, in the company of his emotionally needy girlfriend Corey (Jennifer Jason Leigh), a trusting and inquisitive 16-year-old called Crystal (Taliah Webster) and an unsuspecting amusement park security guard (Barkhad Abdi).