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A well respected police officer faces tough decisions about justice in an unfair world in writer-director B Unnikrishnan's Malayalam-language crime thriller. IPS officer Mathew Manjooran (Mohanlal) loses his beloved teenage daughter in a freak accident. His wife Neelima (Maju Warrier) survives but she languishes in a coma. Every time she regains consciousness for a brief period, Neelima relives the horror of the accident and her endless cycle of suffering drives Manjooran to the brink of despair. In the midst of this emotional devastation, the police officer crosses paths with Tamil doctor Shaktivel Palanisamy (Vishal), who operates outside of his surgery as a merciless vigilante, doling out fitting punishments to men and women, who have eluded the law. Manjooran must end Shaktivel's reign of terror while he contends with his own loss.