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Professor Marston and the Wonder Women

Released earlier in the summer, comic book blockbuster Wonder Woman broke box office records, becoming the highest grossing film of all time by a female director. Professor Marston And The Wonder Women is a biographical drama directed by Angela Robinson, which examines the history of the fictional Wonder Woman character and the real-life love stories, which fed into storylines on the page. Harvard professor William Moulton Marston (Luke Evans) is happily married to his scholarly wife, Elizabeth (Rebecca Hall). In 1928, he hires a new teaching assistant, Olive Byrne (Bella Heathcote), and there is a palpable spark of attraction between the husband and his new employee. Olive works alongside the Marstons, who invent the lie detector and also propose theories on interaction between humans. Olive becomes the third point of a volatile love triangle with husband and wife, and when the trio moves to New York, Elizabeth and Olive both fall pregnant by William. In this new environment, William meets shopkeeper Charles Guyette (JJ Feild) and becomes fascinated with fetishistic and sadomasochistic art. This newfound interest sows the seeds of a comic book about an Amazon princess with alluring attire published by Max Gaines (Oliver Platt). Wonder Woman captures the public's attention but the Marstons' roaring success is undermined by personal trials and tribulations.