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Rupert Jones directs his brother, award-winning actor Toby Jones, in a tense psychological thriller which adopts a disjointed, non-chronological narrative structure - a la the kaleidoscope of the title - to replicate the fractured mental state of the lead character. Carl Woods (Jones) is released from prison and struggles to acclimatise to life on the outside. He carves out a bleak existence around the claustrophobic housing estate he calls home. The one glimmer of hope in the gloom is Carl's first romantic date in 15 lonely years with Abby (Sinead Matthews). As he nervously prepares for this inaugural meeting, Carl receives a telephone call from his estranged mother Aileen (Anne Reid) to let him know that she is en route for an impromptu visit. Painful ghosts of the past return to haunt Carl and the violence, which drove him apart from Aileen many years ago, bubbles back to the surface with potentially harrowing consequences for Abby. Kaleidoscope contains flashing images, which might be unsuitable for cinemagoers with photosensitive epilepsy.