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Redoubtable (Le Redoutable)

French filmmaker Michel Hazanavicius, Oscar-winning director of The Artist, dramatises a turbulent year in the life of one of the country's cultural icons - Jean-Luc Godard - as fissures appear in his marriage to second wife and muse Anne Wiazemsky. Godard (Louis Garrel), one of the darlings of the French New Wave, marries actress Wiazemsky (Stacy Martin) in 1967 and casts her in two pictures, La Chinoise and Week End. The filmmaker becomes increasingly outspoken, and when protests by students and workers grip 1968 Paris in defiance of Charles de Gaulle, Godard takes to the streets where he forges a close intellectual bond with young Maoist Jean-Pierre Gorin (Felix Kysyl). Political and social unrest leads to the early closure of the 1968 Cannes Film Festival and Wiazemsky's devotion to her husband wanes. Eventually, she shocks Godard by announcing that she intends to star in a film directed by Marco Ferreri (Emmanuele Aita).