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Property of the State

Kit Ryan directs a dramatisation of the powerful true story of a young Irish woman, who was branded guilty by association to her brother, a murderer. In May 1994 in Ennis, County Clare, Anne Marie O'Donnell (Aisling Loftus) is devastated when her brother Brendan (Patrick Gibson) is accused of the brutal murders of young mother Imelda Riney, her three-year-old son Liam and curate Father Joe Walsh (Hugh O'Conor) in the forest of East Clare. As Brendan is lambasted by the press and described as the most evil man in Ireland, Anne Marie struggles to make sense of his actions and she pieces together the chain of events that led him to the forest. Consequently, she uncovers a shocking picture of neglect and physical beatings as well as her brother's horrific ordeal at the hands of his parish priest.