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In 2003, Russian film-maker Andrey Zvyagintsev directed one of the best films of that particular year, The Return. The beautifully-crafted story focused on two boys reconnecting with the estranged father, who abandoned them for 12 years. Parenthood and shattered childhood dreams are also key motifs of Loveless, which has been nominated as Best Foreign Language Film at this year's Academy Awards. Shot on location in Moscow, the film centres on Boris (Aleksey Rozin) and his wife Zhenya (Maryana Spivak), who are in the throes of an acrimonious and bitter break-up. They are oblivious to the damage wrought on their 12-year-old son Alexey (Matvey Novikov). One day, Alexey fails to return home from school and the parents are momentarily united in concern for their missing son. They contact the police, who fully expect Alexey to materialise a few hours later. Unfortunately, the boy doesn't return and the desperate search for Alexey spreads out across the Russian capital. As friends and family join the hunt, Boris and Zhenya are confronted with the uncomfortable truth about the blame they share for their son's distress.